Send me an email and make sure you include the following:

  1. A script or screen play of what you are looking for me to film. Give me as much detail as possible ie: is there a desired wardrobe, props, camera angles that you HAVE to have. Here is a example of what NOT to send: ” Hey goddess I was wondering if you could make a simple 6 min small penis humiliation clip for me and how much would it be? only to email me back after your given quote to say ok thats great in the clip could you have a real man there and be wearing a leather outfit then strip down in after 2 mins and be wearing a blue bikini under then 30 seconds later do blah and then blah and film it like blah. You guys get the point right? When inquiring about a custom Give me as much detail as possible or that original quote of say $60 quickly becomes $170 because you left out ALOT of very important details.
  2.  Dont forget to tell me in the first email how long you are wanting the clip to be as that is a BIG part when it comes to pricing your custom out.

Now I film all of my videos in HIDEF and deliver them in hidef 1440x 1080 MP4 resolution via a free download link hosted by dropbox or I can upload it to my Iwantclips studio so that you can purchase it there for streaming. Most customs are fulfilled in 5-20 days It all depends on when my next film day is and what my workload looks like. Some take longer especially if it requires a prop that I do not have as I will need to find one and order it or if there is a holiday around the corner.

Also DO NOT ask me if I accept Paypal or Amazon gcs as payment for my customs as I do not. 1 amazon gcs do not pay the bills and 2) Paypal considers these types of transactions against their guidelines and are very quick to ban members claiming the FDIC doesnt allow these transactions. (the fdic has even stated that these claims are bull as well as mastercard and visa.  AND as of nov 30th a federal appeals court ruled that their policies against adult content and workers unethical and illegal yet Paypal has yet to reinstate any of the accounts they froze and or banned (mine included,  mine was over pictures of my feet wearing socks) So the only payment type that I accept is through my own payment processor hosted by    (

I only do paid custom videos NOT video request. The reason behind this is very simple: Its like your boss comes up to you one day and says “hey you do some really great work but from now on I am going to pay you $3 an hour but don’t worry you may get a few tips” you wouldn’t be okay with that and neither am I. Videos take alot to produce, a 10 minute video takes hours to create. I have to Shower, shave, do my hair and makeup, get outfits together, setup lights and camera, adjust lighting and camera, read over and memorize the script, film, and possibly re film if something did not go right. Then after that there is the downloading from camera to computer, editing, adding logos, adjusting audio, adjusting coloring and lighting if needed, adding effects if the script called for them then finally rendering. After ALL of that I move on to the uploading, creating codes and descriptions, going through the footage to pick out 150 frames and then turning those frames into a preview gif and then add all of the components into each studio (yes all 9 of them).The whole process is a very lengthy one. I love what I do and for the most part it is extremely fun but it is also very exhausting. This is why I do only paid customs and not request. I am not going to spend all this time and energy on a video that you and MAYBE 2 others will buy. If you want to have me film your fantasy pay me, I promise that I will make a video for your spank bank that you will treasure and watch over and over.

So now that that has all been said shoot your custom clip scripts over to me at