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My name is Madame Amiee but you are to address me as Madame. 


Dont let my playful bratty personality fool you I can be a royal sadistic bitch! It all depends on how we mesh together and how we feed off of each others energies. Not all subs are created equal and each sub will be handled differently than another. When a bond is formed it is a magical thing and because I dont treat everyone with the same cookie cutter collar I have developed quite the following. The bonds that I have created with my subs is truly delightful I have a few who have served me for a few years now wholly and will wait for me no matter how bad their urges get as they know that only I can complete them.


You want to know what gets me off? Its simple 1. MONEY and 2. Power. Nothing gets me higher then when I am taking your whole paycheck, making you cry or even having you shove a raw egg up you own ass. The high from that is my drug as I am yours, the perfect symbiotic relationship.


So what are you waiting for get on your knees take out your wallet and prepare to serve me like you have never served before. After all I know that you have been searching for a Domina like me for quite sometime, Beauty, Brains, Greed with perfectly delightful bratty sadistic personality that will keep you coming back for more and more. Addiction is quite common and I will be the best drug you have ever tried.


So go ahead all my contact info is under the encounters tab or you can jump right in and inquire about my slave application.